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Education Abroad

Why Education ABROAD ?

Based on the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India data, more than 7 Lakh Indian students are studying abroad in 2019. Further, the number of students applying for study abroad visa is more than 3 Lakh now. Among Indian students, the most preferred countries to study abroad include US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Some of the key reasons why students prefer to study abroad

  • Excellent career opportunities
  • Enhanced language skills
  • Exposure to a new culture and education system
  • Overall personality development


Our team of Study_Visa experts provides you comprehensive support to you, including application process to filing.

  • Guidance on full study visa application checklist and procedure of Embassy (Country Specific)
  • Guidance on Embassy visa appointment booking 
  • Guidance on Filling out all visa application forms
  • Pre-checking of visa application file before final submission to the Embassy

We provide Study Visa services for Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, England and many European Countries.


    1. ● A Student Visa is required for a student to study abroad.
      ● A Student Visa can allow students to get a Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelors Degree, Graduate Certificate, Associate Degree, Graduate Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, Master’s Degree and such.
      ● FA Educations works with leading companies that offer exceptional Student Visa services.


● A Tourist Visa allows foreigners to enter, pass through, or remain in a country of which they do not have citizenship, for a short duration or a limited time.
● This visa is for those who wish to explore the country they want to travel to.
● FA Educations aid tourists in preparing application procedures reliably.


● A Business visa allows a person/firm or company to enter into another country for business purpose only.
● This visa entitles the person/firm/company to do business, possess an office or establishment there, open bank accounts, set up exhibitions, hire employees and perform other business related tasks.
● We provide the best guidance for getting this visa and other necessary registrations beforehand.


● A Migration Visa is for skilled workers and professionals who can become permanent residents in another country of which they do not have citizenship.
● A candidate must qualify the eligibility criteria concerning their education, work experience, English and can become economically established in the country in which they immigrate.
● FA Educations helps prepare files with complete assessment for candidates who wish to pursue a career abroad and/or to settle in a country of which they meet the criteria.

Spoken English

English is a global language is spoken widely all across the world. Whatever be your aim in life, student, parent, migrant, employee or job seeker, Our English course will empower you to communicate more effectively with confidence.

Designed to suit every student, the course is flexible and can be adapted to each person’s need and requirement. Our English Trainers are experienced professionals and have in-depth knowledge of the language and its usage.       

Our focus is on your benefit out of the course and we add an extra element of sincerity from our side in order to make sure that your ambition is fulfilled, provided you have the willingness to make some effort.

Our assessments helps us to group our students effectively so that it is ensured that you get personalized coaching.

We have two different levels in English courses Beginners and Advance.

Skills Set
    3. READING
    4. WRITING
Focus Areas
  • Tenses
  • Passive
  • Models, Imperatives, etc…
  • There is /are
  • Auxiliary
  • Verbs
  • Questions
  • Pronouns and Possessives

Crash courses, Mock Tests

Different people have different level of grasp over the English Language. For the skilled, who want attempt the test directly, its always better to get the training on how to approach the IELTS and PTE test correctly.

Our Crash course offers you the insights into the different modules of the test and on how to approach it in an effective manner. We will help you understand the tips and tricks and get you familiar so when the time comes, you are not surprised by something which can affect your overall band score.

For some tips and Tricks refer to the IELTS and PTE section of the Website.

The course will include the following –
    1. Detailed explanation about the Test you are about the take.
    2. Personal attention and doubts clearing.
    3. Tips and tricks to save you time.
    4. Go through tiny details on how to score your desired band.
    5. Regular mock tests.
    6. Use of latest updated material.
    7. Evaluation and discussions.
    8. Personalized coaching at your own pace.
    9. Training material to practice on your own time.

Career Counselling

FA Educations offer a broad range of career guidance assessments covering all ages to help individuals make better decisions about their future career. Whether starting in secondary school or at the stage of choosing courses in school or selecting a program in university we have a test suitable for you.

Each report provides a comprehensive evaluation of your skills and abilities to help you understand your strengths and potential growth areas. Program choices as per your aptitude and strengths are indicated in the report and ranked in order of priority. The top three career streams are explored in greater detail further highlighting your talent strengths and Type indicator.

Step by Step Suggestions and Personal Guidance.

  • Complete guidance about admission process and future requirements
  • Helps to choose the best country and the best matching courses/colleges
  • Giving full assistance about financial aspect, living cost, more career opportunities, Etc.
  • Professional and experienced counselors.
  • Success ratio of getting Visa is very High.
  • Large network across North India
  • We Believe in Full Transparency. We never hide any Information throughout process.
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